Queer Fear Film Festival Vol. 1

October 19-21, 2021

Tuesday, October 19 | Night 1

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After Amanda's teeth start to fall out, she will soon learn the terrifying reason way.

The Dread of Dreaming
A woman with a troubled past must face her demons in order to save the soul of a teenage girl.

Dark Disco
A murdered call girl comes back to life for one last night of revenge in the hazy, campy video inspired by John Waters films and LGBTQ+ nightlife (the dark and the light of it).

Radio: A Musical Ghost Story
Lowell, a young woman still reeling from the recent loss of her brother, encounters a ghost in the showers of her gym. It sings to her, strange static only made comprehensible through her headphones – but is it a beckoning call or a warning?

This is Queer
Sometimes I feel myself drifting away. When it happens I think of all the faces in my life. I focus on the dreams and goals that brought me here. I remember the promises I made to myself many years ago.

When Alice's parents drag her to a rundown house in the country, she's prepared for the most boring summer vacation ever. Then she meets Jenny...

A man suspects his boyfriend is a demon.

Wednesday, October 20 | Night 2

Boy Meets Boy poster.jpeg

Boy Meets Boy
Honest, true and raw. Vincent is searching for love in his isolated perfect life. He turns to online dating sites to meet the One! Steven catches his attention. Mystery and anxiousness builds a mood of desperation that transforms to chaos, curiosity and anticipation. A battle between perfection and passion; nervous romance leads to passion triumphing... or does it? Suspense builds as the battle takes place. Victory is in your perception.

Rat | World Premiere | 2021 AWARD WINNER: BEST FEATURE
A group of friends play an online game that forces them to reveal their true selves in order to claim a large cash prize.

Thursday, October 21 | Night 3

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A nearly fatal car accident has left Weston, a young trans man, traumatized and unable to let anyone in, even his own lover Hunter. In an attempt to reconnect, Hunter suggests that the pair visit a couples’ therapy retreat. When they find that the seemingly innocent therapy retreat is a front for a sinister cult, Hunter manages to escape, but Weston voluntarily stays. Several months later, Hunter receives an ominous letter from Weston, admitting that Hunter’s instincts were right, and that Weston is in danger. Hunter begins a terrifying, maze-like mission to find Weston and save him from the cult before it’s too late.

My Relationship With Death
When you lack the ability to love yourself, you try to trick yourself into loving everything else. In “My Relationship with Death” we follow Eugene - a desperate man looking for anything that will help him cope with the death of his mother. Life takes a turn for Eugene when he finds a way to make his deepest fantasy a reality. Who will he choose - himself or everything else?

I Don't Want To Write About My Fucking Eating Disorder
A short art film in which I absolutely will not write about my fucking eating disorder.

Death Screens
After making popcorn, Bill goes on his laptop for entertainment, but unknowingly gets trapped within the different forms of entertainment inside his computer.

The Bloodbath
A stranded metal band falls prey to a psychopathic killer in the forest who recovers the bodies, but for what purpose?

The Big Choice
Morty Goodman is a quiet cog in a janitorial machine, but one evening, alone in the school building where he works, he finds something so mysterious and off-putting that he's forced to take a look-- to satisfy his curiosity and to find something he's long wished he could avoid confronting.

A woman copes with the lose of her wife by making difficult sacrifices.