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October 19-21, 2021


Pink Panic. Lavender Menace. Rainbow’s Revenge. We’re serving up Gothic, slasher, supernatural, body, psychological, and generally toe-curling horror through a queer lens. From Frankenstein to Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and from Catherine Deneuve to The Babadook, the transgression of horror has often skewed a little...queer. We're flinging open the closet door (don't mind the masked man hiding behind our dressing gowns) and spotlighting the rainbow end of the horror spectrum. Gays lost in the woods? We're into it. Lesbian vampires? We want them (seriously, call us). Trans Final Girls? Send them in. Experimental animation that speaks to the asexual experience? We're here for it.

Our inaugural 2021 event will be held online (thanks, pandemic), but we hope to make a festival home based in central North Carolina when it's easier to gather in-person.

The upside for filmmakers is that means your aunt in Wisconsin, you college roommate in Orlando, and your childhood best friend who now lives in Hong Kong can all watch your film at the same event!